Dunedin Cares Pantry Announcement - Updated 5/29

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: THUR ONLY 10-12 - Items will be bagged and brought out to cars instead of our usual shelve-shopping procedures. Dunedin Cares, Inc is located at 1630 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin, FL. We are in the rear of Faith Lutheran Church, 1620 Pinehurst Road – Follow the signs and cones for line up.

We are able to serve each family every other week, and to do so, we will be asking names again this month. 

In order to continue to keep pace with demand, we ask that friends visiting on Thursdays to understand that our policy for food distribution is ONE unit of preorganized / grocery delivery per vehicle.

We completely understand that many families share rides, but we need to be sure we have enough for all who show. We ask that you share your weekly food delivery with others that need it, and come back next Thursday.

We want to be here to receive each and every car with all we can. 

Thank you so much for understanding.

Walk through the Pantry with Joe and see how it all works as we get ready to distribute bags on a Thursday morning!

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Our Food Pantry Is Here To Bring You Hope

Dunedin Cares, Inc

1630 Pinehurst Road

Dunedin, FL

Located in the rear of Faith Lutheran Church, 1620 Pinehurst Road – Follow the Signs

Dunedin Cares distributes Non-Perishable and Perishable food to Dunedin residents that need that extra help during difficult times.  Volunteers will greet you with a smile.  

For the first time clients, an application must be completed and signed along with a photo id.  

Returning clients only need to show their id.   

Each family is allowed one visit per month.

Our helpful volunteers will assist you while you shop for the items you need most.  We also provide bread, bakery, frozen meat and vegtables items when available.  

Each guest is welcome to select from the wide variety of tasteful and nutritiously healthy food that lines our shelves. Remember to pick up some Peanut Butter and Mac & Cheese for the little ones!

Dunedin Cares Community Resources

Dunedin Cares can provide you and your family with non-perishable food items but there are times that you need more help.  Our team members started a search to compile a list of available services for residents of  Dunedin and surrounding areas.

Where To Find Help & Support